Margot Harrington
Solar Eclipse, Kansas City 2017

This collage (found and Japanese paper, fluorescent red sun, and gold leaf) was made in response to the eclipse to convey the delicate balance of the earth, the planets, and the passage of time. The eclipse was one of the few events in the last few years that brought thousands together, and it was because of science, not sports or politics. View more of Margot Harrington’s work here.

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Design After the End of the World

Speculative Design and Climate Reading Group

INSTRUCTORS: Renee Albrecht-Mallinger and John Jung

HOST: LATITUDE | Chicago, Illinois

Where traditional design attempts to solve problems, speculative design attempts to open our minds to new ways of thinking and being, to construct spaces for discussion, and to inspire imagination. Design After the End of the World: Speculative Design and Climate, a reading group hosted by Renee Albrecht-Mallinger and John Jung, will explore the pressing issue of climate change through the lens of speculative design. Readings will explore both climate and design from a variety of perspectives, whether creative, philosophical or personal. Participants will be encouraged to push their thinking on both climate and design forward through group discussions and design activities. The course will also be a chance to look at design from a critical perspective and to see if it might be useful to begin to confront a truly massive, “wicked” problem.


Week 1 - Introduction



Week 2 - What is Speculative and Critical Design?


Week 3 - Indigenous Futures


Week 4 - Design Justice

Guest: Anne Knafl


Week 5 - How Speculative and Critical Designers Inspire Action



Week 6 - More on Climate Change



Week 7 ​- Afrofuturism

Guest: Stacie Williams


Week 8 ​- Inspiring Action on Climate Change